Landscapes with a Story

  • About this Series

    In Deborah Bright's article “Of Mother Nature and Malboro Men” she believes that landscapes should look as they do in reality. Photographs such as Ansel Adams landscapes are what she considers dishonest, or untruthful dipcitions of landscapes. They appear unrealistic.

    This project is my response to her article. I believe that the truth lies more from personal experience than the actual landscape.

    I interviewed people who had a photograph or a painting of a landscape hanging on their wall. You don’t make it a point to show off something that doesn’t mean something, or eventually has grown to mean something. Landscapes can have different effects on people regardless if it’s aesthetically pleasing; it’s the life experience they take away from the landscape that is most realistic.

  • Mount Fuji, Tyler's room

  • Dolly Sods National Park, Matt's parents house

  • Versailles, Hannah's room

  • Chautauqua Lake, Nemeth household

  • Notre Dame, Lindsey's room